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In Mourning

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It is with great sadness we share the news of our husband, father, grandfather, and friend, Alvin Benatovich’s passing on July 8, 2014. Thank you for sharing his love of poetry and following him throughout the years. Sharing his work was one of his greatest joys.

The family of Alvin Benatovich


The Final Stretch

The final stretch
A real fight
Holding on
With all my might

I never thought
I’d last this long
The pain endured
Seems just wrong

It’s difficult to maintain
A positive view
It’s your friends and family
That helps you get through

Can You Imagine

Because you think it should
Does not make it so
Just because things are planted
Does not mean they will grow

The gift of love
Should never go to waste
The color of your wardrobe
Just a matter of taste

Can you imagine
If everyone was the same
How boring things would be
Life would be so lame

Choosing A Mate

I love her
She loves me
Even though
We seldom agree

When choosing a mate
Remember one fact
With many couples
Opposites attract

I can’t disagree
With the important thing
The women
Treats me like a king


457 poems
Written to date
The goal 500
I hope it’s not too late

Time has a way of
Running out before the bell
Being mindful of the clock
Will serve you well

Be prudent how you
Use your time
Things left undone
Are never a good sign

The Haze of Pain

I am writing this
Through the haze of pain
Excuse me if I sound
A bit insane

Better days
Are sure to come
I pray my agony
Will soon be gone

Think positive
Everyone does say
When it happens to you
It’s hard to think that way


Pain is something
I know well
I feel it
In every cell

From throbbing ache
To electric shock
That tortures me
With every tick of the clock

Good air in
Bad air out
Trying to restrain
And not shout

Greedy and Cruel

The decent person
Will stand for right
Those issues that
Are worth the fight

Consideration for others
The time is now
No other action
Will decency allow

Let us change the norm
And follow the Golden Rule
Ending the reign
Of greedy and cruel

Removal of greed
So conflict will end
This should be championed
So prayers do send

Spring Breaks

Daffodils yellow and
Daffodils white
Finally what
A welcome sight

The prospect of
A warm summer breeze
Is all that is needed
To satisfy and please


From far and wide
The come to see
A place where
They could be free

Free to make
Their own choices
Free to speak
And raise their voices

Was not the last
200 years’ time enough
To smooth out
All that was rough

What a sad
State of affairs
How we let down
Our forbearers

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